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No Subject

> The treatment involves giving the children a sodium bicarbonate injection
> youngsters whose blood sugar level is too low, a condition known as 
> diabetic 
You'd think a big time publication would check their facts better.
DKA is a condition that happens when a type 1 diabetic has high blood sugar 
and is spilling ketones for too long a period.  Where on earth did they get 
it was from too low???  And after quoting all those big name scientist dr 
types too...

type 1 diagnosed 9-81
new pumper!!
And after the patient dies of respiratory arrest because there was no
glucose to support brain function how is the patient brought back to life?
Like totally wrong treatment even for DKA, not bicarbonate, insulin if you
dont know why a diabetic is in coma, give d50% it wont do significant
damage even in dka and can be lifesaving in insulin shock! spot
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