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[IP] Re: teen control

Rae, I don't think your son is atypical at all--esp. at 13 1/2. I was
diagnosed at age 13 (am now 48), tried to keep as tight control as I
could, and yet almost always got those little yellow reactions from my
clinitest tablets indicating that I was spilling lots of sugar in the
urine. It was DEPRESSING for both me and my mother, but the good news is
that I lived through it pretty well (all things considered).

That was 15 or so years before blood glucose testing (a MAJOR
improvement, even noreso than the pump in my opinion--I finally found
out EXACTLY what my blood sugar level was at that moment, something the
urine testing never told me), 20 years beflre multiple shot injections,
and 34 years before the insulin pump (I went on it last year). And yes,
I've had complications (lots of them), but am doing pretty well.

All that is to say that your A1C of 8.6 for a teen-age boy is GREAT! The
first time I had an A1C (can't remember when that was), it was 12 or 13!
And that was as an adult. Now it is in the 5.8-6.8 range, but my
lifestyle and hormones are far more settled than your son's!

Please don't misunderstand--of course you should keep working to see if
you can improve (and get less readings over 200). But DON'T GET
DISCOURAGED! You and your son are doing awfully well. By the way, one
thing that has helped me over the past few years to eliminate those high
readings is not to overtreat the lows (when you feel like eating
everything in the house!). Using glucose tablets on a regimented basis
rather than "pigging out" helps reduce the roller coster ride down and

Keep up the good work, and try not to over-worry about the A1C numbers
(and avoid the comparison game with other diabetics--each one is
unique!), esp. during the teen years.


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