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Re: [IP] insulin as self-defence weapon?

Considering that Humalog starts working in 5 minutes and peaks in about an
hour (more or less), I doubt that this would be a reliable form of self
defense.  Of course, the stab of the needle into the skin of an attacker
will hurt, but that might only make him or her a little angrier.  I doubt
that the needle would penetrate a bulls skin/hide.  

I would stay away from the bovines if I were you.  8)


> From: email @ redacted
> Forgive me if this seems overly silly, but yesterday while out hiking I
> encountered a bull who gave me a fright and made motions that he was
> considering approaching me with great speed.  I got to wondering if I
> to be charged, would a loaded insulin pen jabbed into an animal (or human
> attacker for that matter) work as a method of self defence?  Anybody ever
> consider carrying a loaded insulin pen instead of pepper spray?  Would it
> kill someone?  Could it cause enough trouble for someone or some animal
> quickly enough to work as a defence of any kind?
> These are the things I think about when walking for hours in the New
> Zealand bush!
> Gretchen 
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