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[IP] Re: teen control problems

It is normal for all teens to rebel, as they try to become
independent of parents. ..and isn't it our job as parents to
raise them to be independent and self-sufficient?
Try not to be too hard on your teen with fluctuating BGs.
Raging hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone,
adrenaline, cortisone, and that biggie...growth hormone)
will fluctuate until the late teens for most females and the
early twenties for most males. There have been some research
studies on "adolescent insulin resistance". It is NOT
something your child or you are able to control. It is MUCH
EASIER to cope with when using an insulin pump.  Exercise is
good for all of us, but each teen will have to do some
experimenting on how THEIR body will respond. If weight gain
is not an issue, extra carbs should be given for sports
activities. If weight is an issue, a lower bolus delivery
(not necessarily, a no bolus delivery, may be what is
needed). Exercise BG lowering effects can continue for
several hours after the activity, so extra testing and
continued lower basals may be necessary for several hours
(your teen's mileage may vary).

Counsel your teen that BG fluctuations are not always their
FAULT. Be supportive, encouraging and available.
Read the chapters in Pumping Insulin about exercise and
children and teens on pumps.

Stable BGs and flexibility are often more important for
teens than a "perfect" A1c. There is no "perfect" in life,
just acceptable.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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