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[IP] One last word on abductinon

Now, take this with the sense of humor we in the land of diabetes have to
have sometimes. When Lauren was first dx'd we got together with another new
dx (and now her best friend) and her family. We had both just gotten our
medic alerts for the kids and were comparing them. Lauren's had her name on
it, Katie's did not. I said, "Gosh, I hope that's not dangerous for
kidnappers! Reading her name on that so it's like they know her!" And
without missing a beat, Katie's mom said, "Moira! Once a kidnapper reads the
rest of it (Type 1 insulin dependent diabetes), they are throwing her back!
It's kidnapper INSURANCE!" We laughed and laughed. So there.

Mom of Lauren the brave 9 yr old new pumper
BTW Katie goes on the pump Monday so the two best friends can continue to
share this life

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