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Re: [IP] You know when you need to get out more WHEN

I was told that the pre-filled cartridges for the D-TRON are available from
Disetronic and cost $95.00 for five of them in a box.

I was also tols by the rep that Disetronic has H-TRON prefilling services for
no extra charge and they will fill them with your specified insulin. R (V) or

Keep pestering your rep, and if no joy, get to the territory manager.

I just fill up mine and stow 'em in the 'fridge. no problem in 7 years.
Jenny Sutherland
  Hi Robin,
  Where do you live how did you get the prefilled cartridges?  Where did you
  order them from?  I can't get them from the disetronic net ordering place
  have been told that they will not be available until summer in the USA.
  Please tell me where you got them I need them so badly!!!
  Don and Penguinie Diabetic Penguin (Pumper Penguin)
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