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Re: [IP] teen control problems

Hi.  First of all, congrats to you and Ryans for all of your hard work and
focus.  Next let me say that I am not a teenager any longer, at least age
wise ;-).  But At 41, trying to work a graveyard schedule, and a regular day
off schedule, with unpredictable work activity, and trips to the gym, I can

This is how my endo and I solved my difficulties.  We simplified the basal
profiles, from 5 to 2.  We also reduced total daily basal insulin, adjusting
carb bolus and doing 'clean up' as needed.

One more thing, and I think this may be the most important, and it is just
my .02 cents.  I think that we all use this idea of a 'normal' A1c as THE
Goal, and this info in coming out of the DCCT.  As one of the DCCT
participants I gotta tell you, there was only 1 teen in the study.  The DCCT
was made up almost exclusively of adults.  So please don't be looking to
this great study for specific guidance in this situation.  A A1c of 8.6
sounds FANTASTIC given all of the variables that you and Ryan are dealing
with currently.

Good luck and warm regards,
Frank W. Tegethoff, Jr.
IDDM since '84, DCCT control group, MM507 since '96.
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