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Re: [IP] teen control problems

Lindsey and Rae:
    I know you don't want to hear this but it WILL get better with time. At 
age 18, Melissa is taking less basal insulin & seeing generally much better 
bgs than when she was younger. As she matures & takes increasing 
responsibility for herself, she's also more open to healthier eating, which 
automatically impacts her bgs positively.
     In the interim, we do the best we can to empower & support our kids so 
that they don't have the additional pain of thinking they're letting us down 
too. Without the burdens of diabetes, it's not easy being a teenager today. 
>From my perspective as a mother of 2 girls ages 18 & 19, and my 15 yrs as a 
high school teacher, I've learned that one of the more important insights a 
parent can offer a child is the knowledge that mistakes are made & that the 
best we humans can do is learn from them & try to do better the next time. 
Feeling self-imposed pressure to be "good"(perfect???) only heightens the 
anixety.  The issues with menstrual cycles, hormones, sports highs & lows, 
emotional & psychological stress from school work, socially-mediated poor 
decisions, dawn phenomenon, teenaged junk food preferences, etc.  are but a 
handful of the 100+ factors that can impact a teenager's blood sugars. Adding 
guilt/frustration to that mix only worsens the scenario, so I try to 
"trouble-shoot" with Melissa, if she asks for my help- otherwise, I have to 
trust that after 5 yrs of pumping, she knows far better than I what changes 
to make- whether it's an overdue site change, a need for basal fasting tests, 
time for a call to her CDE for a "touch-up" appt., etc. Ultimately (and a lot 
quicker than you'd have thought - right Michael???) these hormonal teens will 
be out of the nest, dealing with this essentially on their own (BIG GULP!)
   so hang in there & feel free to vent here whenever.....
Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump mom)
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