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Re: [IP] You have to love the caption of the graphic

email @ redacted wrote:
> The comparison of CGMS readings of a person using MDI and then a pump 
> shown here actually concerned me about what is called better control.  The bg
> levels when using the pump were right on their labeled hypoglycemic level
> boundary several times during the day, as well as being below for a while in
> the morning as was mentioned as something to work on.  The boundary 
> appeared to be at 60 mg/dl.  I can tolerate that level when I first wake up, but 
> I certainly would not be very functional during the day at that -- I hope that
> person wasn't driving!

Well, the important thing about the boundary of hypoglycemia being set
at 60 is not the 60 itself, but whether it means you are dropping
further. On the graph, the person WASN'T dropping further. And that will
be one of the good things we'll be able to find out when CGMS is
available and readable by everyone. 

The reason I say this is because non-diabetics often have BGs in the
50's and 60's with no symptoms and no need to do anything because their
bodies compensate. 

The reason the limit was set at 60 - 70 for diabetics is because our
bodies DON'T compensate very well (or maybe at all), so we need to take
action, because we have no "wiggle room". 

If this person was able to consistently maintain BGs between 60 - 180, I
think that's GREAT control. It's just that, without continuous BG
monitoring, most of us CAN'T do that. 


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