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Re: [IP] Re: Low Blood Sugar Treatment That Can Kill

On 24 Jan 2001, at 23:48, Melissa Collins wrote:

> And, of course, here's the other "biggie" question:
> HOW can they publish something like that, with such an
> obvious error without noticing it???  I can't believe
> they PAID someone to write that!  Worse, don't they
> pay someone else to EDIT and REVIEW what has been
> written for errors?  That means, at least TWO people
> missed something that obvious......  >:-(

I used to work for a publishing company that published pamphelts 
like those you see in doctors offices.

I remember one time, they had to recall 500,000 booklets on 
contraception, because they'd reversed the fertile and non-fertile 
times on the chart.  It was a customer who pointed it out to us.

This booklet had been written by a team of about 10 staffers, 
including several proofreadings and had been reviewed in great 
detail by at least 5 *doctors* (or nurse practitioners).  Yes, heads 
rolled.  A whole bunch of them.  However, even people who are 
excellent proofreaders sometimes see what they *expect* to see.  
It's a known problem in the profession.  They have many tricks to 
help them get passed this human tendency.  But obviously, it 
doesn't always work.  :-)
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