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[IP] teen control problems

Any suggestions or support welcome:
Even after being on this list for quite a while,
pumping for almost 2 years, and living with DM
since he was 5 (now 13.5), my son Ryan is still
having A1c's of 8.6.(although down from 10-12
pre-pump)  He is a very active boy, playing
Bball, Fball, wrestling, etc. Our biggest problem
is that no 2 days are alike for him. I've done
basal profiling, recording, graphing.....and
after all of that, checking BG 10-12x every day,
we still have this crappy 8.6.  We are both
starting to feel pretty frustrated, even though I
can't even imagine what things would be like if
we were trying to do this on MDI! Is this BG
roller coaster just normal for a 13 year old? 

He doesn't have many severe lows (below 60), but
he does have lots of fluctuations, at all
different times of day. We chase a lot of highs,
and try to detour the lows, especially after
exercise. Now, if he does happen to have a
vanilla day (no sports,moderate activity,not
sick,didn't sleep half the day) his basal rate
and carb ratios are adequate. Just when we have
everything figured out, he plays an extra game of
Bball, or the moon aligns with the planets
differently, and all bets are off. Is this a
hormone thing? Or do I need to read pumping
insulin for the 50th time? I really want to help
him avoid complications, and it seems that I read
a lot of amazing A1c stories; we don't have one
of those. Someone wrote recently they are happy
to just stay under 200, I'm elated if his numbers
all are in the 100's all day. (one day last
October I think) 

I know YMMV, but I don't know if this is just a
teenage thing, and as we keep working at it, the
roller coaster will even out, or do some people
just have more BG fluctuations than others? I
asked our endo about the CGS, but the same
problem arises, he does different activities
every day, so even if we came up with a plan
based on readings from a certain 3 days, the next
3 days would be different. Well, any feedback
today would be welcome.  Thanks
Rae, Ryan's mom

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