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[IP] Re: Josh's science fair project


I think this is great! It reminded me that I did a science fair project a
few years after diagnosis. I actually put my brother on my diet, had him
do similar exercise, activity, etc., and had him check his urine (this
was 1983 or something). I then charted it out, to show differences in
diabetic vs. Non-DM. I wanted to show, actually, that if we did the same
thing and ate the same foods, we would have similar results, i.e., that I
could be in as good health as he was. It didn't really work--I remember
my brother having to be coerced into it by my parents, and I know he
cheated on the diet. I also remember thinking that it wasn't fair he only
had to do it for one week, and he still could cheat and resented the
whole thing. 

Anyway, Josh's sounds much better, and good luck with it. 


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