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[IP] Re: dentists

That story of the dentist who didn't use anesthesia for the filling...my
first dentist never used it, and since my Mom believed in treating us to
candy every night before bedtime, and then leaving us on our own to brush
our teeth (which we rarely did, or did very briefly), I had LOTS of
fillings. My whole mouth is fillings. None put in with laughing gas or
anything. Instead, my dentist would sing to us. You needed something just
for the singing. And my Mom has always accused me of having a low pain

Despite this, and despite disliking going to the dentist, I do take care
of my teeth. I figure my pancreas is shot, but I amazingly have nice
straight teeth (no braces) and want to keep them. Maybe sharing a room
with my grandmother when she came to visit, and watching her take out her
dentures impacted me. I floss daily, though I should floss twice daily. I
figure it's like checking blood sugars, and I don't want any more


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