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Re: [IP] Merck-Medco - Similar story

In a message dated 1/25/01 10:38:28 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> com writes:
> << To complain, I think we would go through our primary insurance carrier >>
> If your insurance is through a group plan, for instance with your employer, 
> they may have a staff member who is responsible for the contract with that 
> insurance company (probably someone in your personnel department).  Just 
> mentioning the possibility of contacting him (I knew his name) was once all 
> it took to get my insurance to bend over backwards for me when I had been 
> having problems.  (Of course, it helped that it was such a big contract 
> <gr.>.)  But that person said to come to him if I had further problems.
> Linda Z
> ----------------------------------------------------------

I went to human resources in Nov. They told me that the insulin would be 
shipped overnight and they would call me the day it went out.  I ordered in 
Jan, I got no call, It arrived at my door in 20 degree weather and luckily I 
was home. It was sent 2 day overnight. HR told me not to use it and to go the 
my pharm for a month supply and I did and that HR would get back to me as to 
how it will be handled in the future.  A Merck Medco person called.  I didn't 
return the call because HR was handling things.  Again ups arrived at my door 
with more insulin and no notice to me when it was sent out.  There was 4 
inches of snow on my doorstep where it would have been left had I not been 
home. I called HR.  They told me that I should have returned the call to MM 
and that I need to work this out with Merck Medco and that the original info 
I was given back in Nov. from HR was not correct.  I called Merck Medco and 
was told that this is how it is always done and all is well in the world as 
far as they are concerned. 

I will be calling CIGNA to try to get them to straighten things out with 
Merck Medco but without any documentation on how this drug should be handled 
other than what I think should happen, I doubt I am going to win this one.


email @ redacted
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