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Re: [IP] Re:media/Moira's story of abducted girl

Maureen Wrote:
I've had a large fear of being abducted and dying within a day
or two b/c of lack of insulin.I've consoled myself that the chances of it
happening are slim, although they probably aren't.

Must be something you learn in Virginia. ; ) I too have that same fear.
Especially when we take long car trips.  When we drove across west Texas a
few years ago (so desolate that you can't even pick up a radio station in
the car)  I thought about how if we broke down or wrecked how long would it
be before anyone would find us.  But now I even think of it before I travel
just about any where over 100 miles.  But I also think about what I would do
in a car jacking situation in order to get all three of my kids out of the
our van.  It probably has more to do with our personality than us just being
careful diabetics. : )
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