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[IP] Dental fear was: More Flossing For Diabetics....Pleeeease!

I hear you loud and clear. I have been there.  But I forced myself to go
after over 7 years of diabetes and no dental visits.  I have a filling in
just about every molar but my mouth is now happy I went.  I was traumatized
by a dentist when I was a kid.  He was a drunk and liked to tell dirty jokes
to his nurse/wife while doing procedures.  I was little so I couldn't
complain I thought all dentists were like that.  Besides most kids scream at
going to the dentist anyway.  He once did a filling on me with no
And my fear of needles was a big thing too before becoming diabetic.  But
even with being diagnosed that didn't help the fear of a big honking needle
in my mouth.  So now with all those fillings I got I just closed my eyes
before the needle was even put in front of my face and thought that the pain
will only be short as I remembered how much the pain of drilling would be if
I didn't get it.
Also try to find a dental practice that sees adults and children.  Talk with
the dentist before he/she lays you back in the chair and tell them your
fears.  Many dentists are very aware today of people's fears and they try to
be painfree in order to keep people coming back regularly.  Besides dental
care has come a long way from even 10 years ago.

Good luck.
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