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Re: RE:[IP] medicare and supplies

This may be a little too much to do but, there should be Medicare
supplements that cover what Medicare does not.  I say this because I kinda
know the situation.
My main health coverage comes from the military's program called Tricare.
It cover 80% on things they approve such as my pump equipment.  But then I
have a supplement to that, that covers the rest 100%.  I only pay 53.00 a
year for this.  It may be something to look into.  Thus my pump supplies
only cost me 53.00 a year.  Otherwise with my copays I'd be spending close
to 500.00 a year. And that would mean no pump for me.  Test strips and
insulin I get from the military hospital pharmacy for free.

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> Hello:  secondary insurance will only allow payment up to medicare
> standards, which means if medicare allows only $25 for a box of filling
> sets then secondary insurance will only pay up to that same amount.  In my
> case here medicare flat out does not pay for the adpaters for d-tron at
> and will only allow $25 on a box that costs $95.  I get a headache
> I try to figure out what this is for in the first place?
> tom
> "It was at 05:53 PM 01/24/01 -0800 that morrisarmy wrote to me:"
> >
> >
> >
> >> I have Medicare as my primary insurance and then a private secondary
> >> insurance also.
> >
> >Doesn't this statement right here solve your problem?? Do they not pay
> >it either?
> >
> >Sheila
> >
> >
> >
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