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[IP] Here, here, we need some more controversy

I was certainly lax in posting that "rumor" about the MM
rep. bribing the docs at Arkansas Children's Hospital so
that they would use a pump instead of an insulin drip.

So, to make up for it I am going to post some NEW hot

Film. My dad used to put it in the FREEZER to keep it fresh.
He kept the unground coffee beans there, too. Of course he
is DEAD now. I would bet he would still be alive today if he
had just bought NEW film when he needed it, right?

A LOT of us are old enough to remember carbon zinc cells
(batteries, for those of you that aren't literate in these
things -- hey I am only TEASING!) Cells are one, batteries
are two cells or more in a package ready for use, ok? The
battery in your car has six CELLS of two volts each to make
a twelve volt BATTERY.

Those old zinc carbon cells would last a LOT longer if
stored in the refrigerator. Cells today are made using a
different chemical formula and are able to last at least
five years at room temperature before they show signs of
degradation in our use. 

Anyway, since we are on the subject, alkaline, Ag (silver)
Hg (mercury) and Li (lithium) cells don't really need to be
refrigerated unless you don't like the taste of them at room
temperature. If they ARE refrigerated and then brought out
into a humid atmosphere moisture will condense on them and
that MAY cause problems. So do whatever you want. Now you

Gee, I don't remember what else I was going to say, so I am
going to bed.


Nick Trubov
Fort Smith (NOT Little Rock) Arkansas
email @ redacted
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