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[IP] Re: re More flossing for D- pleeeeease

> Janet,
> Are you my clone?   <vbg>  

Impossible. As we all know, cloning humans is illegal!

> I feel the exact same way, but I did go to the
> nasty mean old and I mean old dentist about two months ago and got an
> emphatic "you are a terrible patient" type lecture, and couldn't eat for
> about three weeks thanks to his picking and crud!  I hate dentists with a
> passion, and he told me I have the lovely old periodontal disease which I
> just couldn't deal with.  Still can't so don't feel bad, its not just you,
> its us.
> Lori A. Willey

I was going to ask "Why do dentists act like this?" but 
if I'm honest, I know the answer. It's because, even more
than most doctors, they see problems that are overwhelmingly

But I have to say that one of my big fears about dentists
is a fear of being lectured. I fear the pain, yes, and I
hate that awful smell while they're drilling, and I hate
having someone's hands in my mouth for all that time (it's
so invasive -- far worse than a pelvic exam in my book!), 
but I have to admit that I'm almost as afraid of being 
guilt-tripped. I'm not sure why. I mean, I can take it, 
right? It's just a little emotional abuse, right? I wish 
more dentists would realize that this drives people away,
instead of making them more "compliant." It's always "You 
are a bad patient and a bad human being. You must do this! 
Every day! Or else! Don't forget to make an appointment on
your way out."

Are there any dentists that don't do this?

/Janet L., mindful that there's a dental hygeinist in the 
room. Otherwise, I'd have *really* let loose.

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