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Re: [IP] Reactions to the pump


  Just to go along with this same thread about Diabetes 101 explanations,  my 
son, Joshua, who is in the 3rd grade will be entering his first Science Fair 
Prject this year.  Because he is the only D. kid in his school and the only 
pumper in his district he (we) are putting together a whole display and 
demonstration about Diabetes.  His main topic after a brief explanation of 
what it is, will be explaining the various ways a diabetic can get their 
insulin: injections with syringe, insulin pens, and pump.  We are going to 
have a paper person cut-out that I will attach the pump to so that everyone 
can actually see the canula coming through the 'skin' into the body.

   On this same line, if anyone saved that recent article about the cloning 
out of London could you re-post it so I can copy it as part of our display on 
the future of diabetes.  Thanks!

mom to Joshua
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