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Re: [IP] Complications with normal HgA1c's`

email @ redacted wrote:

> Common sense dictates that fluctuations MUST do damage.  How can they 
>  not?

Well, I really didn't want you to tell me that!!!!  :s

On another list, there's a person who said that her BG went too high 1
hr. PP, at 128 (from 70), and was back down to 83 (or somewhere in that
ballpark) 2 hr. PP. 

Well, ain't no way I'M gonna achieve numbers like that. Well, maybe if I
eat nothing but rabbit food, but I don't think I could survive very long
that way!!! 

I'm sincerely glad SHE can do it, but I'm needing to feel good about
myself just for staying below 200 most of the time. 

One of the things that's running through my brain is that if I tried to
have fastings around 70 - 90, I'd be opening myself up to too many
hypos, and I don't think they're worth it. So I guess I'm deliberately
running a little high because of that. I figure I'm not ever gonna get
pregnant again, so why risk it!!!!  :)

But I guess I need that reminder that non-DMers run BGs in VERY narrow
ranges, and that early-stage Type 2's can also do it if they're
pro-active enough (and more power to them !!!  :)  ), so I shouldn't get
too complacent!!!!! 
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