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[IP] re More flossing for D- pleeeeease

Ok, more on the flossing & Sonicare stuff.
I have flossed and brushed assiduously for the last 30 years. But, I did not
see my dentist 2x a yr, but 1x a year(sometimes 1x every 2 yrs). I have used
sonicare, rarely have tartar, never have bleeding gums, but have the worst
periodontal disease on earth and I've HATED Dentists (anxiety from the
childhood dentist that put in 21 fillings to get his house recarpeted or
something).  But, pain makes me seek them out.

I have had one dentist tell me I was the worst patient he had ever had (I
bit him, I didn't mean to),I have had 2 drastic, expensive periodontal
surgeries.  I was told my upper teeth had to all come out and get dentures.
My dear husband told me to fight it, I did, I wanted to eat fresh corn.  It
was a two year investigation.

Finally, my best internet source was Dr. Hemp (www.dochemp.com) , who has an
incredible site, BTW, have your sound system going. He has an array of all
new things available and he told me to look for a periodontist that was
familiar with the stuff and stay with my dentist that I had for 25 years(off
and on).  So, I did.

This took reminding my long term dentist that I was able and responsible and
I trusted him to help, and he found the Periodontist that was experienced in
bone grafts and modern techniques. This was good.

Now, I take prescription periostat to firm up the tissue that holds the
teeth, I've had the bone grafts and surgery (I watched "Grease" and had
heavy medication, no pain).  I'm going to get 2 giant bridges in my upper
mouth and I will NOT have dentures.   Good solution, I'm happy and I can
still eat corn.

YMMV, some people just have bad teeth and have to deal with it.  The dental
enviornment now is much, much better than even 10 years ago.  I have very
little fear of going to the dentist now, only sorrow for my checkbook..

Trust me, if you have any gum problems, attack it. You may not have bleeding
gums or tartar, but still have problems. Floss, brush, see your dentist
every 3 to 6 months.  It's expensive and disruptive to have gum surgery,
bridges, dentures, etc.  I wish I had seen my trusted dentist more
frequently years ago.
Keep those teeth! Kathie W.
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