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Re:[IP] Re: Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Floss I Go...

I'm a dental hygienist and have been watching the discussion about flossing.
I know that most people don't like to do it but, unfortunately having diabetes
puts us at higher risk for periodontal disease.  In fact, periodontal disease
is now refereed to as the sixth diabetic complication by the American Diabetes
Assoc.  I know you all didn't want to hear that cause we all have enough else
to worry about. I've been a  type 1 for forty years and pumping for 1 1/2 yrs,
by the way.  I also am very partial to the Sonicare tooth brush and recommend
it highly to many of my patients, diabetic or not.  But even the Sonicare is
not a substitute for flossing. The Sonicare people say so also.  We are not
talking about a big time investment.  It takes about 30 seconds once you get
the hang of it.  Any hygienist will be happy to show you how.  So all of you
out there, if you haven't been to dentist in a while, make an appointment.
(preferably with a Dentist who has a hygienist) Make sure you get your
periodontal status checked.  If you have any periodontal disease get it
treated and then go for professional cleanings every three months - even if
your ins. doesn't pay.  And keep your mouth as clean as possible with a good
electric tooth brush like Sonicare ( not a cheap one - it's not worth it) and
please floss.
Miriam, RDH
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