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Re: [IP] Complications with normal HgA1c's`

pclark wrote:
> I have had type 1 diabetes for 29 years. My HgA1c's have been in the
> non-diabetic range for the last seven years and no higher than 7.8 in the
> last 11 years for which I have kept records. This year I have developed the
> signs of early kidney disease (microalbuminaria) and now retinopathy, along
> with cataracts. My question is, even though I have normal A1's, my blood
> sugars have fluctuated between about 30 and 400 in the last few years, and
> even more before five shots a day, do the wide fluctuations lend themselves
> toward the complications? Maybe, it's the accumulative highs over the 29
> years? I have an appointment with the pump trainer on Monday, January 29.

Hi, Victoria,

That's EXACTLY the question I've never been able to get answered

The fact is, that watching my BG tests, I KNOW that my BGs are NOT
normal -- and even though I've never, ever, had an A1c above 7.1 (scale
3.5 - 6.0) and usually have A1c's in the 5's, I've never been convinced
that it means squat.

You might be like me -- A1c is lower than actual BG average -- and
unfortunately you also apparently have a genetic susceptibility to
microvascular damage.  :(  :(  :(

Doctors and CDE's have always assured me that the transient high spikes
don't affect A1c (apparently true) and that indicates that they don't
cause damage (not necessarily true). The A1c doesn't necessarily
correlate with glycation in the tissues. Or at least I've never seen
anything that either claims or proves that they correlate. 

All I can say is, it's ROTTEN luck, but keep your chin up, and know that
you did your best for you CLEARLY did!!!! 
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