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Re: [IP] Air Travel


I flew for the first time with my pump last week.  I had no trouble getting
through security.  On the first leg of the trip the pump was under my coat
and the security officials didn't even notice (it didn't set off their
alarm).  Coming home I didn't have a coat on so it was spotted immediately.
This one lady looked at it for about two seconds and let me pass without any
questions (this was in Atlanta).  My insulin stayed strong even through
x-ray.  I carried extra insulin in a cool pack and it traveled fine.  Take
extra snacks with you though...not because of the pump...but because of
flight delays!!!!!!!!!  Have a great trip.

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Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2001 5:19 AM
Subject: [IP] Air Travel

>Hi All,
>I am flying tomorrow for the for first time since I began pumping. Is there
>anything I need to be concerned with (x-ray, etc.)?
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