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Re: [IP] Re:media/Moira's story of abducted girl

The thought of my daughter (or son) being abducted has definitely crossed my 
mind.  We live in downtown Chicago.  I have sent both kids to presentations 
by a former cop who does a great job of communicating a single message; 
abductors need privacy to do their dirty business, so do not go anywhere with 
anyone.  Do not get close to a car if someone is asking directions etc.  The 
whole idea of one of my kids being abducted is so terrifying, in and of 
itself, that I haven't thought much about the implications of this from a 
diabetic standpoint.  I suppose if my diabetic daughter was abducted and held 
for any length of time, she would die from no insulin.  But the facts are 
that most kids who are abducted do not return alive anyway.  So, being 
abducted puts you at high risk for dying; probably from some violent way.  
Another way to look at it, is that dying fairly quickly (2-3 days) from high 
bg might save someone from being held for weeks at a time in some basement, 
being kept alive only to be tortured.  Sorry so grim, but we are talking 
about abduction and you asked!  And by the way, the statistics show that the 
serious abductions take place as frequently in rural areas as they do in the 
urban areas.  
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