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[IP] Re:media/Moira's story of abducted girl

Although this is off-tangent about the Arkansas Review, I was curious to
read Moira's story of the abducted diabetic  girl. Ever since I was
diagnosed, I've had a large fear of being abducted and dying within a day
or two b/c of lack of insulin.I've consoled myself that the chances of it
happening are slim, although they probably aren't.  The pump has also
helped settle this fear, as I figure you would have more time before the
insulin wears out than you would on injections. I do try to walk
assertively, be aware of my surroundings, etc. I really should take a
self-defense class. Just wondering--am I alone or irrational in this
fear, or have other women (or parents of young diabetic children) felt
this too? How have you dealt with it? I don't mean to frighten anyone,
just wondering.


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