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[IP] A copy of My contribution to Mr. Fellone

Mr. Fellone,
On Nov. 5, 1950 I was diagnosed with Juvenile Onset Insulin Dependent Diabetes
(IDDM), now called Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. I was given a death sentence; on
November 4, 2000 I celebrated life and survival with a BASH (Bawling Amazement
Sincerity Humor) for a half-century of this *lifestyle*.

Since August, 1983 I have been using insulin pump therapy. It changed my life
giving me more normalcy and flexibility - after 33 years I could finally sleep
in on Saturday mornings! Being on the receiving end of a needle (several
times) daily ain't no picnic.  I have two natural children and four
grandchildren which is an overwhelming realization.

Imagine your own child/grandhchild having a pancreatic dysfunction and a
device would be available to help him/her and no one told you about it.
Finding out later might not be for the betterment of the child after damage
had been done. You would want that information NOW.

People look to the internet for information and facts. Since it is a FACT (not
fiction) that Maverick Colt Roe was put on an insulin pump at 12 hours of age,
wouldn't/shouldn't this information be posted where those who are going to
benefit the most? Withholding this information to the non-profit
insulin-pumpers group for children seems at best, cruel and inhumane.

Please reconsider your position in granting permission to reprint the
information to Michael Robinton, Executive Director of the Insulin-Pumpers
non-profit organization: email @ redacted

Jan (61 y/o, Type-1, 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) http://maxpages.com/bludasue
north-central Indiana
ATTN: Michael,
I used to work for a small hometown newspaper and all our *news articles* were
rewrites - meaning facts reworded so not to be plagiarized. ;-)
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