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[IP] Re: Arkansas Review

>>snip<< It is to bad that management has such
a narrow view that a bit of charitable work can not be done.>>snip<<


   As a former newspaper editor GLAD to be out of the business, I don't find
this surprising at all. I always felt part of my job as a newspaper editor
was community service. I was CONSTANTLY in trouble for that. The business
just does not understand their role in society! one time there was a missing
girl, about 23. Well, no other newspapers would print the parents story
because adults aren't really "missing" for about a week. This was long
before I KNEW anything about diabetes, but the girl had diabetes, and I felt
it was important to run a story. I did (and got in trouble for it from upper
management) and when, months later I tracked down that she was the victim of
a serial killer and won national reporting awards for it, my paper tried to
take all kinds of public credit. I publicly told how they had reprimanded me
for the "wasted space" of the missing person story, and quit the business
shortly after. (now I work for SKI Magazine, much nicer!)

Last year I emailed that same paper asking for PR for our huge walk to cure
diabetes team. I still have the reply saved, it said, basically, they had to
save room for "real news and important issues." So screw the media, from one
who has been there.

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