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[IP] Reaction to the pump

>>snip<<Sherry,  good luck...just wanted to let you know...there are others
there in the same situation.<<snip>>

Oh yeah! Lauren has already heard it all, having been on the pump less than
a week. "Oh! She is a really bad diabetic then?" to "You'll have to be
attached to that your WHOLE life?" And more. Once again we just add it up to
ignorance, and while those not in the know should keep their mouths shut, I
honestly don't think anyone is trying to be mean . . .

As for pumping, it's been a wild and difficult ride. Lauren, who is nine, is
the calmest one of all! Yesterday I had to do two site changes in school,
call the pump company for an alarm and fight off a bunch of highs. Our CDE
said in a way we are lucky -- all the yucky things are happening right off
so think of the experience!! -- but I can also see progress. We are
beginning to adjust basal rates and have even figured some different carb
ratios for different meals. She seems to need way more insulin at breakfast.
I guess after four years of mastering MDI, it's a rough thing to go back to
being the freshman. And I'm exhausted. It's not as easy to start out as I
thought. The good news is, Lauren is completely committed. Today I thought
she'd need an extra site change (she did not) and I said, "If you want, we
can just say forget it and go back to injections" She said, "Mom! This is
NOT going to be easy! Now just be brave and STICK WITH IT!" LOL what a kid.
So, for those of you who are wondering, that is where we are at!

Mom of Lauren, 9, the new pumper
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