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[IP] Re: battery storage question

Richard Seyler wrote:
>I have always stored extra batteries in the fridge, but it looks like the 
>data on longevity from the Eveready website shows that--at least for 
>Eveready's alkaline and silver oxide type batteries--there is not much 
>advantage to cold storage.

I'm looking at the page now:

http://data.energizer.com/batteryinfo/other_available/temperat.htm#Silver Oxide

The way I read the chart "Projected Percent Service Maintenance", it looks 
like storage in the fridge is VERY worthwhile -- it *better than doubles* 
shelf life compared with storage at room temperature.

Let's look at loss of 10% of the initial charge. At 20 deg. C (68 deg F), 
that takes about 4 1/2 years. At the fridge temperature, 0 deg C (32 deg 
F), that's off the chart, but it looks to be about 11 years.

My batteries will stay in the fridge. Thanks for the info!

regards, Andy
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