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[IP] Re: Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to floss I go...

Natalie Sera wrote:
> This is a VERY YMMV thing -- some people try with all their might to
> take care of their teeth, but still have problems. So I'm not advocating
> that anyone follow MY example, but do whatever you need to to take care
> you YOUR mouth!

Isn't this the same way with DM? Some people do everything to take care of
themselves and get lots of complications. Some are rather happy-go-lucky
bragging of no comp's and probably have good teeth too.

Which brings me to say that one of the twins who has had IDDM 66 years (since
age 6) had both legs amputated below the knees about two weeks ago. Last
spring she had bypass surgery and one leg didn't heal - gangrene set in. The
other foot was also gangrenous. She had an epedural (sp?) and joked with the
surgeons throughout. It wore off in about 2 hrs. then was having a bad time.
She'll be fitted with prostheses. These twins have done all the *rules*
because if they didn't behave they'd tell on each other. She has been on
dialysis also since about September.

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