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[IP] Reactions to the pump

I knew of one other person pumping before I started in August, but I didn't know
he had one until he no longer worked with me. So I still really don't know anyone
else in person who uses a pump.
A few weeks ago someone spotted the pump on the waistband of my pants (I was
working at a second job where I had to tuck in my shirt as part of the uniform).
They said something like, "hey,  you have an insulin pump".  I got really excited
and thought I had found someone to discuss them with.  I told him when I got it
and that I was pretty pleased with it so far.  He said, "Oh. I didn't think anyone
was as bad off as my grandmother.  She has to use one of those."
It kind of deflated me.
And I mentioned before about my brother's reaction that I had to "mess with the
buttons all the time, wasn't that annoying?" when I bolused for breakfast. And my
mom still thinks I need to stop taking so much insulin. She seems to think I must
be eating wrong if I have to bolus large amounts.  She doesn't realize that I was
out of control for so long before that I just didn't adjust my insulin much for
what I ate (other than a guesstimate if ate cake at a party or something).  She
tried to "counsel" me a little on my diet the other day saying I should have more
milk or fruit instead of so much "starch" and that would help me take less
insulin.  I explained to her that I do eat plenty of both dairy and fruit, and
that those require insulin based on carbs as well. I'm still not sure she gets
it.  She's been type 2 for about 5 years and she just "takes her pill" and doesn't
change her diet.  I've kind of given up trying to make her understand.
I'm not sure if I'm posting this to ask if anyone else has these experiences, to
ask what we should do, or just to gripe a little.
It's hard on those of us who don't have a large support group nearby that we can
go to.  All we have to talk to face to face are those darn non-dm'ers.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Alternately mad and depressed about people's reactions
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