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[IP] The Someday Cure

SSP Said "The End is Near...

 "Scientists would create a clone of a sick patient by removing the nucleus
a donor egg and replacing it with that of a cell from the patient. The egg 
would be induced to divide and start growing into an embryo. The cloned
would be genetically identical to the patient's and therefore theoretically 
overcome problems of transplant rejection, which happens because the immune 
system fights foreign tissue. 

``The human embryo has a special status and we owe a measure of respect to 
the embryo,'' said health minister Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, who supports

``We also owe a measure of respect to the millions of people living with 
these devastating illnesses and the millions who have yet to show signs of 
them. This is the balance we must make.'' <<<SNIP

Unfortunately, our new administration will never allow this to come to the
US.   But perhaps we can go there in a few years and have get our insulin
producing cells!  I will start saving for that trip now....How wonderful. 
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