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Re: [IP] More Flossing For Diabetics....Pleeeease!

Groooooan.  I hate even thinking about this because

a) I seem to have more than the usual terror of dentists, so
b) I haven't been to a dentist in years, longer than I am 
   willing to admit (so don't ask), and
c) I know I should go, because I know that with diabetes I'm 
   more at risk for gum disease, but
d) I'm embarassed and ashamed and afraid of being 
   lectured, and besides
e) I don't know how to find a sympathetic dentist who will 
   treat me with kid gloves, even though
f) I'm willing to turn over a new leaf about flossing and so 
   forth, I just need
g) a little bit of encouragement and support. The best things 
   I can say about my teeth and gums are
h) I'm not in any pain, and
i) my gums aren't actually bleeding.

Whimper. This is the one major health matter that I just haven't
been able to deal with since getting diabetes.

Advice? Encouragement? Lectures? Helllllp!


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