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Re: [IP] Merck Medco - had to vent

> At 09:16 PM 1/23/2001 -0500, you wrote:
> >I have been forced to now order my insulin via Merck Medco.
> I'm very sorry to hear this.  We were forced to use them through my
> husband's prior employer.  MM left my son's insulin in our locked
> mailbox when we were having 112degree temps.  No UPS delivery.  The
> ice packs were melted.  This is truly the worst mail-order drug
> company we were ever "forced" to use!  I hope that you can get your
> employer to change to a different one.

I've had similar experience, but it can be fixed. Call your insurance 
company and ask to speak to the MerckMedco liason representative -- 
be very insistent and don't take no for an answer. Explain what 
happend with your insulin and that this is life support supplies. You 
might get a run around, but maybe not. In any event explain that your 
contract of insurance is NOT with MM, but with the insurance company 
and they are ultimately responsible for delivery of your insulin. AND 
that MM is shipping the insulin using a method that is NOT approved 
by the manufacturer (Ely Lilly), I know because I have spoken with 
them and they have mentioned problems with Merck. All insulin should 
be AIR delivered and signed for, handled with care, etc..... 

You might be very supprised at the results. I've had to do this with 
Merck and the new pharmacy supplier Express Scripts. In both cases, 
the snotty pharmacy customer service people magically got very polite 
and Lily's insulin showed up by air a few days later, no extra 
charge. I mention that because air delivery is available as an option 
for extra $$ -- however it is THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE INSURANCE

Sorry for shouting, but don't put up with this crap from insurance 
companies and pharmacies that have BEEN PAID to supply these goods 

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