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[IP] anxiety attacks

<<<Lately I have been having
problems with what I am guessing is anxiety attacks--I develop shortness of
breath and my heart races....which seems to make me very queasy.  I have not
started taking any new medications and am not pregnant--no idea what is
causing them except maybe excessive stress. >>>

It is very starnge that this topic would come up today.  Years ago when I 
was starting university I had some "blackouts". I call them this because I 
had a history of fainting but faints always had an obvious trigger like 
menstrual cramps, etc... These blackouts did not have an obvious trigger.  I 
too had the nausea, shortness of breath, and so on.  Its a long story but I 
was misdiagnosed with epilepsy and in the end they determined it was not 
neurological. Since then I had not had problems but heard about something 
called "vaso-vagal syncope".  It is common in young women in their teens and 
twenties, and can vary in terms of severity.  The vagal nerve can be 
triggered by emotional or physical stimuli, and results in loss of 
consciousness.  Management is basically around lifestyle, keeping hydrated 
and adequate salt intake (related to hypertension), avoiding diuretics and 
alcohol, etc...

Anyway, yesterday for the first time in years i passed out from one of these 
episodes -alone on a public bus!  I felt like I couldsn't breath all of a 
sudden, next thing I knew came to, feeling horribly nauseous and covered in 
sweat. the bus was stopped on the highway, paramedics had been called... I 
spent the day in emerg instead of work.  I checked out fine.  The only thing 
I can think may have predisposed me is that I had some alcohol on the 
weekend, which I seldom do since I was diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago.

Anyway, sorry for the lengthy story... but does anyone else have this?  Any 
advice?  Any embarrassing stories to make me feel better?
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