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Re: [IP] Merck Medco - had to vent

In a message dated 1/23/01 9:38:49 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> >I have been forced to now order my insulin via Merck Medco.
> I sent the original Merck Medco message.  I failed to mention that I have a 
> right to appeal my case.  I need  to convince them that insulin via the 
> mail is always risky and can lead to high expenses when something goes 
> wrong with when and how it is delivered.  Obviously they are going to take 
> their chances with that one.  I would like to also persuade them to exempt 
> perishable drugs from the rule that doubles the copay when you go to the 
> pharm for the third time.  Let us order our insulin via the pharm each 
> month for the same copay each time.  If all that fails, them let me know 
> when the order is sent out so I stand a chance of being here for it.  
> I know that many of you have fought big battles to get your pumps, supplies 
> etc.  I know there are some key words that bring these people to attention. 
>  If anyone could give me any pointers on this subject I would appreciate it.
> Between trying to get my pump supplies covered and now this insulin 
> problem, I actually find it easier to manage my diabetes (A1C 5.9) then to 
> manage my health insurance.
> email @ redacted
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