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[IP] Merck Medco - had to vent

I have been forced to now order my insulin via Merck Medco.  I can order 
monthly from my parm. for a 15.00 copay which is fine but on the third order 
my copay will be doubled.   

I was concerned with ordering via the mail so I relayed my concerns to my 
human resource dept back in Nov. The new plan which mentioned above did not 
go into effect until this Jan.  After checking, they told me that MM would 
send my order overnight delivery via ups and that I would be called when it 
went out so I or someone would be home to receive it.  

In Jan I sent in my new prescription  with a letter explaining what my human 
resource people told me would happen.  I waited and waited and ten days later 
with out any notice the ups man was at my door with my insulin.  Good thing I 
was home or it would have been left on my stoop in 20 degree temps.  

I called my human resource people and told them what happened and I also 
mentioned that it was not sent overnight but 2 day delivery.  They check with 
someone and decided that I should not use it and to go to the drug store and 
get a months supply.  They also told me they would get back to me the next 
week to see how this would be handled in the future.  When I went to the 
parm. they could not do it with my copay because the computer thinks I have a 
three month supply and will not allow anymore.  I pard the 88.00 or the two 
vials and left. I will be reimbursed for this.
Over that weekend, a pharm. from MM called and left a message for me to call 
him back.  I did not because I felt it was in the hand of the human resourse 
people and they told me they would handle it and get back to me.  I waited 
and waited to hear back ffrom human resourse people.  Today the door bells 
rings and guess what it is MM again with my insulin.  Again no notice and if 
I were not home thay would have left it on my stoop in four inches of snow.  
What if I were on vacation for a few days.

Again I called my Human resourse people and boy did the story change.  They 
told me that the original info I rec from them was incorrect and that I 
should have known to call the MM pharm back and that from now on I will have 
to deal directly with them and advised me to call MM and ask for a pharm 

I did and it was a waste of time.  They are going to send it 2 day overnight 
each time except in July and August when it will be sent one day overnight 
They can't tell me when it is being sent out and it is my responsibility to 
have someone home to pick it up.  When I call in a refill, it can take five 
to six days for me to receive it.  

Had to vent!
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