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Re: [IP] Re: youngest pumper

I imagine so, but wouldn't you need a "Fed"* scale to measure the amount


*  The scale at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY, about 13 flights below
street level, is incredibly sensitive.  My boss audited the fed a few years
ago and one of the things he tested was their scale that is kept behind
bars with all the gold (much, MUCH more than Fort Knox).  The guy by the
scale showed him by putting a one dollar bill on the scale, and it
registered.  He then took the bill off, and wrote on the bill with a
pencil, merely a line of an inch or so, and tossed it back on the scale. 
Yup, the scale registered that the bill was a tiny teenie bit heavier.  

> From: Kerri <email @ redacted>

> Couldn't they simply weigh the baby before and after each feeding
> to determine approx amount of breastmilk ingested? Seems that
> would be MUCH more accurate than just taking a guess.
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