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[IP] Re: Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off to Floss I Go...

Spot writes:  <<<<your dentist is correct diabetes is
often accompnied by severe periodontal disease and
complicated by xerosomia (zerostomia, dry mouth)this
results in increased incidence of caries and loss of
teeth. also infections>>>>>>> 

Jack writes:<<<<<  Actually, I think that her dentist
was just letting her know what dentists have known for
quiite awhile.  I also think that she saw the start of
periodontal disease.  Dm'ers get periodontal disease
much more easily than non dm'ers>>>>>

Spot and Jack,
I know all of this! No, Jack she didn't see the start
of periodontal disease, had the full workup and
absolutely no sign of it at all.  I had one cavity in
a flossing area which prompted the extra flossing
advice. My whole point was that with a busy life + DM,
extra flossing was going to be low on my list of
extras to accomplish. I already floss daily, just not
3-4 times a day and after every meal. BTW, my flossing
time is way more than 2-3 minutes Jack.  Soooooo, I
understand the DANGERS of not flossing more often than
nonD folks, and if all of my teeth fall out in 50
years when I'm 80, Jack and Spot can say, "Told you

Jill (Who Is Still Not Flossing 5 times a Day) 

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