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> I have a friend who is doing a paper on the insulin pump companies
> and there growth in the diabetic community~also on the R & D the
> companies are preforming.  I am trying to help him gather info on
> the financial and technological breakthroughs of the different pump
> companies.  I know that CGMS is out but just through a doctors
> office.  Can anyone give me info on the new products each company is
> waiting on approval for~or any "technological breakthroughs" that
> are in the makings.  I would appreciate any info.
You might want to check the FDA site for products awaiting approval. 
I don't know what you call the final phase, but product that will be 
released soon will be listed in the public documents available there. 
The companies themselves are prohibited from talking about it by the 
FDA rules, but everyone has access to the public record of filings.
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