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Re: [IP] Re: battery storage question

>Darrin Parker said:
>>Cold temperatures reduce battery charge and can kill the battery.  Never
>>keep batteries in the fridge.  this will at least reduce their life if not
>>kill them.  This is for the same reason that our car batteries lose their
>>charge in the winter!
>This is false. Cold temperatures reduce the chemical activity and thus the
>output of a battery, which is why our car batteries have less charging
>power in the winter. They do not "lose" charge; the reactions are slowed by
>the lower temperatures and they deliver less charge. They recover their
>charge when the temperature rises. This is EXACTLY what we want to do to
>preserve them. To keep your batteries lasting longer, keep them in the
>fridge. Let them warm back up before you use them. I can't quantify the
>extent of the preservation effect. I do know that cold temperatures can
>only help preserve batteries because it slows the chemical reactions
>responsible for their gradual deterioration, thereby extending their shelf

This makes sense form a chemical point of view but my expereice differs.
Many years of working with all types of batteries in 0 to -40 C conditions
always kills the batteries and they never regain their charge.

If i am wrong and my experience counts for nothing; maybe the trick is to
keep batteries cool and not cold?  I never thought of it before but sub
zero temps may have a different effect than the warm +3 C temp of the
average fridge.  Now, someone can rock me a sleep tonnight!

I'm going to try & get a quantitative answer from Everready...


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