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[IP] cannula problems, a birds eye view

Trish writes:
for once when I unexpectedly caught it with my thumb and half pulled it 
out).  I changed my site on Sunday - planned to change it again on 
Wednesday.  Sunday sugars fine - Monday fine until evening - then 190 at 7 
pm - then 180 at 9:30 pm - then 233 at 12:30 am, figured it must be a bad 
site so took Humalog injection by syringe at 12:30 am(too tired to change 
site during the night).  Then at 3:30 reading was 156 - took another 1 unit 
by injection; woke up at 5:30 am with 72.  Ate breakfast and took injection 
by syringe.  Then changed site (it looked fine and was still completely 
embedded in my skin - no loose spots on tape, etc.)  Now took reading at 10 
am and it is 82 - just where it is supposed to be so it must have been the 
site was bad in about 36 hours.  When I took the old site out the canula was 
rounded - like it was kind of bent right in the middle of the canula.  all 
others I have removed have been straight.  How could a site work fine for 36 
hours and then somehow get bent/crimped while inside the skin?  Any 
thoughts?  I had use a place near my hip bone - the first place I have used 
with not as much "extra skin" for insertion.    It was a very handy place 
and I couldn't feel it at all.
Second question - Where did all that insulin go that I bolused for my 
evening meal - the extra bolus I administered at 9:30 pm for high reading, 
the basal during the whole night?  I have my pump set for "high detection" 
on occlusion with no alarm, etc.
Thanks for your help.
When you caught it with your thumb you may have advanced it back along the
insertion track which since the cannula is so flexible may have bent it.
this an unconscious maeuver. the insulin was deliverd but may have gone in
slowly and might have tunneled in the insertion track. This has happened to
me on two occasions and the insulin has come out of the insertion point of
the cannula it wont alarm because the pressure isn't high enough. I advise
reinserting it under those circumstances. Use a new cannula.Lucky bird
trish... dka always is more expensive than a new sil. spot
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