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[IP] Re: battery storage question

Faith wrote:
>I was told [the batteries would] keep longer if I stored them in the 
>fridge and mine have been in there since I got my pump and started using 
>the D batteries.  I think I saw that recommendation on this digest.

You did and, perhaps among others, I said it.

Darrin Parker said:
>Cold temperatures reduce battery charge and can kill the battery.  Never 
>keep batteries in the fridge.  this will at least reduce their life if not 
>kill them.  This is for the same reason that our car batteries lose their 
>charge in the winter!

This is false. Cold temperatures reduce the chemical activity and thus the 
output of a battery, which is why our car batteries have less charging 
power in the winter. They do not "lose" charge; the reactions are slowed by 
the lower temperatures and they deliver less charge. They recover their 
charge when the temperature rises. This is EXACTLY what we want to do to 
preserve them. To keep your batteries lasting longer, keep them in the 
fridge. Let them warm back up before you use them. I can't quantify the 
extent of the preservation effect. I do know that cold temperatures can 
only help preserve batteries because it slows the chemical reactions 
responsible for their gradual deterioration, thereby extending their shelf 

>Page 1 of the H-Tron manual warns:  "Never store batteries in the 

I'll never challenge a pump manufacturer, but I'd certainly want to know 
why H-Tron batteries are different from all the other conventional types. 
(Hey, H-Tron reps subscribed to this mailing list -- why'd you say that?) 
Still, H-Tron owners, if this is what the manual says, then by all means 
follow the instructions. OTOH, I've a Minimed pump. My batteries are stored 
in the fridge.

regards, Andy
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