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[IP] Where does the insulin go???

 SNIP>>>Where did all that insulin go that I bolused for my 
evening meal - the extra bolus I administered at 9:30 PM for high reading, 
the basal during the whole night?  <<<<SNIP

The $64,000 question....I have always wondered where all that insulin goes
when I have a bad site and it takes several hours to determine that it is
the site...and you keep bolusing......???  Have no idea where it ends up.
New site makes everything work fine.  
  I can tell if it is site and check every 30 minutes to see if I am going
up or down.  Works for me.   

I have had a crimp in a silhouette a couple of times over the years.  My
opinion is that it happens just from movement or having that spot bumped or
leaned against.  Like when I put the sil in my abdomen and discovered that
very spot was just where I hit the washing machine edge when I reached in to
get the wet clothes into dryer.   Fortunately, for the pump users, highs can
be easily, though sometimes frustratingly, remedied.  

We shall all live long enough to be nuisance to our children.....
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