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Re: [IP] Re: battery storage question

This is not correct.  Cold will temporarily lower the charge, but 
when the batteries are warmed the charge will return. Cold will not 
"kill" modern batteries.  Though car batteries work on a totally 
different chemistry, even cold doesn't kill them--they're just fine 
when the temperature warms up.  The fact is,that the  batteries we 
use in the pump will last slightly longer if stored in the cold (this 
comes from the battery manufacturer, Eveready, not a  pump 
manufacturer).  The danger about storing in the fridge is that 
moisture is very bad for batteries.  That's as in, Very bad.   This 
is why storing in the freezer is not recommended (condensation 
problems), but storing in the fridge in a sealed container is quite 
ok.  As the longer storage life, however, is only marginal,  room 
temp storage is usually just easier and safer.

<From: Darrin Parker <email @ redacted>
<Cold temperatures reduce battery charge and can kill the battery.  Never
<keep batteries in the fridge.  this will at least reduce their life if not
<kill them.  This is for the same reason that our car batteries lose their
<charge in the winter!
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