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[IP] Re: Flossing....

 <<<<Ask her how many times a day she would floss if
she had to deal with all of these things as well as
the things everyone has to do. Would love to know her
response. Excuse me please, I need to go floss.>>>>>

 Good idea Deb!  Finally, one person who understands
my original post;o)

<<<<<Don't let them talk you into spending the extra
2-3 minutes a day to save your teeth if you don't need
them anyway (g).>>>>>

Okay Jack,
Point well taken, but I have good teeth, probably
already floss more than most nonDMers and she knows
this.  I like your point on the expense though.  It's
$800 for a root canal, whew!  So, one extra floss
could save me hundreds, which of course needs to be
saved for pump supplies, insurance premiums, etc.  It
all accumluates in time and money for things we don't
do extra and things we do extra for DM, it is all
Jill (Still Feeling Unashamed About No Extra-Flossing)

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