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[IP] Bureaucratic runaround (rant/vent).

I KNEW it was too good to be true, me getting the pump without a 

This time, the hassle put off until I needed supplies.  Pardon ME for 
not following the correct procedure (as if anyone told me what that 
procedure was).

After 4-5 phone calls and being onhold for a total of about an 
hour......  I'd placed my order with Minimed directly.  They called 
back and said it was rejected.  So I called my insurance company, 
who said there was nothing in my file about it and figured the 
rejection was coming from my medical group.  So I call my medical 
group, and voila.  I'm following the wrong procedures.  Apparently, I 
need to place my order *through my doctor's office*, not directly 
with Minimed.  What a miserable hassle.


Well, I THINK the problem has been solved now that I'm following 
the right procedures.  Why can't it be like the pharmacy where I 
reorder refills through them, and THEY handle it all?

I'm just ranting.
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