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[IP] Crimping in Canula

Any thoughts on how or why this happens?  I have been pumping for one month 
with good success - using the Animas pump and "comfort" infusion set (same 
as Tender and Silhouette).  I have been chaning my site every 3 days (except 
for once when I unexpectedly caught it with my thumb and half pulled it 
out).  I changed my site on Sunday - planned to change it again on 
Wednesday.  Sunday sugars fine - Monday fine until evening - then 190 at 7 
pm - then 180 at 9:30 pm - then 233 at 12:30 am, figured it must be a bad 
site so took Humalog injection by syringe at 12:30 am(too tired to change 
site during the night).  Then at 3:30 reading was 156 - took another 1 unit 
by injection; woke up at 5:30 am with 72.  Ate breakfast and took injection 
by syringe.  Then changed site (it looked fine and was still completely 
embedded in my skin - no loose spots on tape, etc.)  Now took reading at 10 
am and it is 82 - just where it is supposed to be so it must have been the 
site was bad in about 36 hours.  When I took the old site out the canula was 
rounded - like it was kind of bent right in the middle of the canula.  all 
others I have removed have been straight.  How could a site work fine for 36 
hours and then somehow get bent/crimped while inside the skin?  Any 
thoughts?  I had use a place near my hip bone - the first place I have used 
with not as much "extra skin" for insertion.    It was a very handy place 
and I couldn't feel it at all.
Second question - Where did all that insulin go that I bolused for my 
evening meal - the extra bolus I administered at 9:30 pm for high reading, 
the basal during the whole night?  I have my pump set for "high detection" 
on occlusion with no alarm, etc.
Thanks for your help.
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